Pet Adoption Camp Organized at One Awadh Center To Provide Loving Homes To Homeless Animals

Pet Adoption cam at one awadh center mall lucknow

Pet Adoption cam at one awadh center mall lucknow

  • A total of 12 dogs were adopted at the camp
  • Animal lovers of the city lauded the camp’s aim to provide loving homes to street animals

A Pet Adoption Camp was organized on behalf of One Awadh Center Cares and in collaboration with Nawabi Tails in One Awadh Center Mall, part of Halwasiya & Sons Pvt. Ltd, on every Saturday of April on the mall premises. Animal-loving individuals and families of the city adopted a total of 12 dogs that were in need of a home. The NGO, Nawabi Tales Rescue, will do periodic visits to these homes for a period of six months to make sure that the adopted dogs are being taken care of properly.
This camp was organized with the aim to inculcate the feeling of sympathy in the minds and hearts of people for homeless animals or street animals.

Executive Vice President of One Awadh Center, Mrs. Saraswati Singh, said, “This Pet Adoption Camp, organized on behalf of One Awadh Cares, aimed to sensitize people about street animals and their condition so that they feel inspired to take care of them. We are glad that this camp was a success. Many people visited and a good number of dogs were adopted. We would like to thank Nawabi Tails for collaborating with us and helping us carry out this camp.”

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