October 24, 2017

Our expertise

Public Relation

We are a 360-degree brand solution and PR agency, which handles clients across verticals like Corporate, Finance, Health & Fitness, Real Estate, Lifestyle, Media, Human Resources and more. We function keeping in mind the 4 C Principle – Conceptualize. Create. Connect. Communicate.
We have worked with a number of reputed businesses, managing their complete PR mandate and going beyond the scope of our work to ensure they experience maximum benefits through this partnership.
As holistic communication and branding agency, we provide additional services like social media solutions, event management, marketing, and content support.

  • Press Release

    We stand along with our clients and give them professional consultancy over Media Releases and Formal Press Communications. We have experienced and professional resources from the Media & Journalism background to chalk out the entire documentation and distribution. We assist our clients with Mailing Press Releases and Invitations.

  • Press Conference

    A press conference is one of the most important tools to advance the cause of an organization and gain coverage in the media. Press conferences allow an entity to interact with a roomful of journalists all at once and this is an effective way to quickly disseminate public relation messages.

  • One-on-One Interaction

    Face-To-Face interactions like “deskside” meetings can be invaluable and help your brand stay top of mind.

  • Content Writing

    Good content can become your key to connecting with the target audience, conveying your brand image and values, and engaging with them on a personal level. At ‘Kaivalya’, we have a smart, diverse and creative bunch of content writers, who are passionate about the art of written communication. They are trained to think and produce effectively engaging content for all our online and offline campaigns. We offer various content. We have closely worked a number of reputed CEO’s and company leaders to create expert-authored articles to be published across print media.

  • Industrial Article
  • Media Tour

    As PR professionals, we can manage a well-executed media tour.

  • Event Coverage

    Owing to our expertise in the field of PR, we help our clients leverage every relevant event in the appropriate media.
    At ‘Kaivalya’, we have an exclusive event management team that is highly PR professionals and creative. No matter the scale of the event, our events team brings a distinctly unique touch to every project we take on.

  • Crisis Communications & Management

    Unpredictable But Can Be Expected, A Major Threat to Organisation.
    We offer crisis management solutions that immediately and proactively protect the image and reputation of the client. We specialize in developing strategic emergency campaigns and facilitate their swift implementation across relevant media channels. We help take control of the situation by immediately intervening to deflate exaggeration and quell damaging rumors by providing transparent updates.

  • Reputation Management

    We understand the importance of managing corporate reputation as it significantly influences and impacts the company’s overall bottom line. Our team evaluates reputational risks and suggests relevant proactive measures to protect the image of our clients. We address key issues as well as identify and build on positive influences that could further enhance the company’s reputation.

  • Media Monitoring

    We prepare reports on in-depth print, audio, audio-visual, electronic and online media coverage on organizations, competitors and industry-related news. The knowledge they provide can significantly impact our client’s operations and help them assess arising threats in the business as well as discover untapped market avenues.
    With our team of experts providing qualitative and quantitative studies, we turn media monitoring reports into intelligent business knowledge. The reports are delivered, ensuring detailed and accurate content analysis consistent with the client’s specifications.

Social Media PR 

Embracing the power of social networks, we deliver up-to-date communications and marketing strategies using popular social media channels through our social media division. The division is composed of a highly specialized and creative team that formulates innovative approaches for boosting online branding and identity.


From designing ads to getting them released, our expertise lies in providing the very best of service in Print, Radio and Electronic Media, exclusively made suitable to your taste and your resources. We deploy the best creative brains to deliver cost-optimized comprehensive solutions to advertising and promotions need.

TVC Production

We produce engaging TV commercials for clients across all industries. Our experience of creating stunning visuals and rich storytelling ensures our TV commercial productions are of the highest quality – bringing your brand to a wider audience. We build you a commercial that conveys your brand message or special offer, at a price you can afford.

Event Management

At ‘KaivalyaCommunication’, we have an exclusive event management team that is highly professional and creative. No matter the scale of the event, our events team brings a distinctly unique touch to every project we take on. In the past, we have successfully organized the following types of events for our clients.

  • Corporate Events                 
  • Inaugurations
  • Press Conferences               
  • Trade Shows
  • Trade Meets                           
  • Public Events
  • Business Conferences           
  • Sporting Events
  • Product Launches                 
  • Festivals