Lucknow’s Yawer Ali Shah to represent India at Sustainability Talks Istanbul 2021


  • Mr. Shah is the only person from India to take part in Sustainable Talks in Istanbul.
  • Mr. Yawer Ali Shah will focus on the Textile Industry and Environmental Sustainability


International Sustainability Talks is all set to be held on the 25th of November in Istanbul, Turkey. Co-Founder and CEO, AMA Herbal, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah will represent India in this International Sustainability Talk as a keynote speaker. In this one-day international workshop and exhibition, Mr. Shah and many experts from around the world will talk about the difficult challenges faced by the textile industry along with transparency for environmental sustainability in the textile industry. They will brainstorm solutions to achieve sustainability in the textile industry.  AMA Herbal is the first company in the country which is working on such a large scale towards environmental sustainability. The company has not only introduced its natural dye products to control the pollution caused by the textile industry but is also striving towards bringing about sustainability in the environment. AMA Herbal has been working on the industrial application of natural dyes since 1996, and today AMA is truly a world leader in natural dyes. In the Sustainability Talk, Mr. Shah will urge the textile industry to turn towards natural dyes as they are seen as a major shift on the pathway of attaining sustainability in the textile industry.


The program will be attended by representatives of various companies like Abiteks, Archroma, Karafiber, Kaiser, Eastman. Mr. Shah informed that in the international exhibition, a stall by AMA Herbal is also being set up, wherein traders from all over the world will be given information about products like AMA Herbal Natural Dye which are helping in bringing about sustainability in the environment.


Mr. Yawer Ali Shah said, “I feel proud that Lucknow and UP are being recognized as the hub of technology of natural dyes and its application.  AMA Herbal promotes sustainability in all their projects. The company uses natural extracts for the production of its dyes. They are completely chemical-free, and also free from azo, and many other harmful substances. I am sure innovative products and processes that we have shall contribute to bringing the textile industry to the desired sustainability.”


“Due to cutthroat competition and human greed, the environment is suffering the most. We can surely move towards development without devastating the environment. The pollutants emitted from the clothing industry pollute the land, water, and air, in addition to being harmful to health.  The world of the clothing industry has shifted to chemical dyes in quest of bright colors, low-cost dyeing, and rapid production. While there are many efforts to make the textile industry sustainable and eco-friendly, there is not much focus on natural dyes, despite them having the ability to make the textile durable and it is also scientifically proven. Natural dyes use plants, weeds, and even food waste instead of synthetic dyes which come from petroleum. The textile industry needs to self-reflect and keep sustainability a priority, or else, there is a dark future ahead for our environment and us.”he added.


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