Design and Trend Should Be Contemporary to Attract the Young Population

Design and Trend Should Be Contemporary to Attract the Young Population


Lucknow, 22 Oct 2020

Third, in the series of the webinar was conducted for Virtual Exhibition 2020 organized by FICCI jointly with Govt of UP and EPCH. The topic of the session was Webinar on the “Importance of Sustainable design approach for global reach and Future Trends and Designs of the ODOP Products.”

 Welcoming the speakers of the webinar Shri Pawan Agarwal, Joint Export Commissioner, Government of Uttar Pradesh said, “People are actually very enthusiastic and they are I get many calls from different buyers and sellers and they want to make use of this virtual fair. This endeavor should be continued in the larger interest with the same zeal and effort. The government of Uttar Pradesh has identified 75 products. Each district has its own unique product. Idea is to make design interventions and the government signed MOU with artisans to improve the design of ODOP products with the help of technology. This will help artisans in getting a good price for their products”

Vishal Tripathi – Head – Seller AcquisitioneBay said, “UP is the front runner for the development of the ODOP and I’m sure more states all will follow soon. This will take India to the five trillion dollar economy.”

Devanshi Tandon Kapoor, Assistant Professor, NIFT, Rae Bareli emphasized training and said, “Craft training can be limited to a generation but training would empower many generations. India is known for its tradition and culture minority communities in India are known for their traditional skills arts and crafts, but due to forces of the competitive market, globalization, and also due to the socio-economic conditions of Master Craftsmen, these skills are not pursued by the younger generation. The government of India is of the firm conviction that these crafts are needed to be preserved. There is a need to augment traditional arts and entrepreneurial skills, which are the backbone of cottage and small scale industries.”

Rimanshu Patel Assitant Professor, NIFT-Rae Bareli emphasized on sustainable design approach quoting the behavior of modern youth, “the recent research about the growth of Youth population. We have approximately 35 percent of the Indian population belongs to the age of 30. This is an important factor that is driving the market. Youth is the main consumer. They are everywhere on social media. They are purchasing and doing a lot of buying so they are the ones who are going to influence a market and they are the ones who are going to purchase it. Therefore, it is required that the design should be contemporary.”

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