World Icon Awards are going to be held in Sri Lanka

world ikon award

This year World Icon Awards are going to be held on 21 July in Sri Lanka at the city of Colombo. As usual this event renowned personalities from India and different other countries are being honoured. The director of the program Mr. Dushyant Singh said that this program is organised in Sri Lanka’s world famous place “Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall(BMICH)” which is a matter of proud in itself. In the above programme, former Sri Lankan president, his majesty Mahinda Rajapaksa will be there as a chief guest and Sri Lanka’s cabinet minister Mano Ganesan is one of the highest importance.

As in the last few years,this year also renowned personalities from social and art sector will reveal their presence . The programme is agreed on Sri Lanka with top institution “ Hola Lanka”. Mrs. Barney is the head of the institution. In the press conference the leading member of the selection committee Mr. vibhav Tomar said that the selection has started for the honour and in the above programme more than 30 renowned personalities will be honoured from different countries. A grand cultural event has also been organised on the eve of the programme day in which many artists, literatures and poet from abroad will be their, including famous singer Santosh Singh, Menka Mishra, Indrani Bhattacharya, Chandrabhal Sukumar, Kamlesh Bhatt kamal, Dinesh bavra and Priyanath Rathnayaka from Sri Lanka. In the programme, a number of indigenous and foreign technicians are also offering services. In the jury of felicitation ceremony we have Mr. Vibhav Tomar (social activist), Dr. Ritu Singh (International astrologer),Pradeep Chandiramani (cosmic healer) ,Pooja Mathur ( Tarot master), Mr. Vinod handa (social worker) and Mr. Vivek Jain (journalist). Programmes main spokesmen Mr. Atul panday ( Supreme Court advocate ) and in planing board Nikhilendra , Raghvendra Rai, Vishal etc and special invitees Mr. Rajendra Jain, Archana Kochhar, Ramnacharya, Zaid Shekh , Shri Radhe Radhe Babu ji , Dr. Ami Aadhar Nidar will be present.

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