Three successful kidney transplants performed in one month

Three successful kidney transplants performed in one month
  • Affordable Kidney Transplant by Internationally trained doctors now available at Apollomedics Hospitals Lucknow
  • 1st private hospital in Lucknow to conduct ABO Incompatible kidney transplants in the entire region

Lucknow 29th January 2020: Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Team breathes new life into patients on permanent Dialysis by conducting 3 successful kidney transplants duly approved by State Govt. Transplant Committee in a period of just one month. The most atypical and rare case was of ABO Incompatible where the donor and the recipient belonged to different blood groups making the transplant riskier and rarer than the normal transplants. The two other transplants were also complex with one including Multiple Renal Arteries.

Dr. Arun Kumar Senior Consultant Nephrology and kidney Transplant Specialist mentioned “These types of ABO Incompatible transplants are very complex & difficult to perform. It needs excellent infrastructure back up & the latest equipment. We are happy that within 1 month of the start of a Kidney transplant, we have been able to do such complex cases.

Dr. Arun Kumar Senior Consultant Nephrology and kidney Transplant Specialist along with Urologists and Kidney Transplant surgeons, Dr. Rahul Yadav & Dr. Adittya K Sharma along and Anesthesiology Team led  Dr. Manish, performed the ABO Incompatible transplant successfully.

34 Years Basti resident Patient (blood O+) was suffering from kidney damage & was suggested for a kidney transplant. His father aged 65 years (blood B+) decided to donate his kidney He was also suffering from lung disease. Considering ABO incompatibility along with age more than 60 years and lung disease, made surgery highly challenging, both for Recipient and Donor.

The second critical case which we handled was of a patient from Gonda who was donated a kidney by his wife with the same blood type O+ but had multiple renal arteries which increased the complexity of the case. Despite all hardships, complexity, and challenges, we did it and now all our 3 patients and donors are fit and healthy without any further complications.” He added.

Urologist and Kidney Transplant surgeon, Dr. Rahul & Dr. Adittya told, “In cases of ABO Incompatibility, chances of failure and rejection of Transplanted Kidney are more. The donor was also suffering from Lung Disease but we performed Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy (a minimally invasive keyhole surgery technique) on very low pressures to avoid the effect on lungs.

Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital Managing Director and CEO Dr. Mayank Somani said, “I congratulate the whole team of doctors for 3 successful transplants at Apollomedics. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in Healthcare in Lucknow, as now patients need not travel to other cities for Kidney Transplant Surgeries. At Apollomedics, we have all advanced technology & internationally trained doctors, to perform every kind of complicated surgeries at a considerably low cost as compared to metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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