The Hundred Bucks will be premiered in Sri Lanka on 22 July

A feature film “ The hundred Buckss” is being built On the platform of Dushyant corporation. Whose grand premier will be on 22nd July in Sri Lanka. In the above premier Sri Lanka’s former president Mahendra Rajapaksa’s wife Shiranthi Rajapaksa is the chief guest. Screening of the movie will be at Scope cinema in Sri Lanka. In srilanka movie have its tyeup with Hola lanka group and event co ordinate by mrs Burney ji. While giving information about the film director and musician Mr. Dushyant Singh said that the above movie is about the burning topic of women’s .

The lead role is played by budding actress Kavita and famous humorous poet Dinesh bavra. Music in the above movie is by Dushyant Singh , Indrani Bhattacharya and Santosh Singh. Scriptwriter of the movie is Mr. M. Salim. Actress present in the press conference said that she’s totally indulged with theatre and as her first movie is women-centered she’s glad to be a part of it and as an artist takes it as a challenge for herself. One of the producers of the movie Mr. Vibhav Tomar said that in today’s society, such a film makes their viewers aware about the scene from the ground reality and also connects them emotionally with the movie.

The main purpose of premiering the film in Sri Lanka is to gain a wide consciousness on such weak matters. The longing life of women along with her struggle is the main motive of the film . Even from the point of view of music and entertainment the film will greet its audience with laughter. Playback singing is by Menka Mishra , Indrani Bhattacharya, Dushyant Singh and Santosh Singh. As producers we have Mr. Vibhav Tomar , Dr. Pratima Totla and Dr. Ritu Singh and along with them many known brands and media houses are connected with the movie. Film making and publicity of the movie is still on.

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