The first Aortic valve replacement awake surgery performed at Apollomedics Hospital in North India.

The first Aortic valve replacement awake surgery performed at Apollomedics Hospital in North India.

Lucknow : Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital Lucknow has reached newer heights, as it has successfully conducted Aortic valve replacement wake surgery. Awake surgery is technically more challenging, the patient is not only awake but can talk throughout the surgery.  A patient will not feel any pain but will beaware of his surroundings. Routinely, awake heart surgeries are being performed only in few selected hospitals in India. This is the first Aortic valve replacement awake surgery entire North India. 

A patient named Abdul Kalam Age 28 years resident of Gonda, Uttar Pradesh was suffering from Rheumatic Heart Disease with severe aortic regurgitation L.V Dysfunction (LVEF- 48%). A patient came from a remote village of Gonda, was harboring the complex heart disease called Rheumatic Heart Disease with severe aortic regurgitation. After careful consideration and thorough study about his overall risk factors, Dr. Vijayant Devenraj at Apollomedics hospital decided to opt for awake Heart surgery.

Dr. Vijayant Devenraj  Senior  Consultant & Surgeon CTVS, Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital told that the male patient aged 28 years had the disease were severe breathlessness on the expression of more than 2 years. Occasional chest pain associated with dyspnea, loss of appetite, losing weight Echo- RHD severe AR mild MR LVEF – 48% ( LV failure Ongoing ) Cx-R-Enlarged Heart ( cardiomegaly )

The surgery included aortic valve replacement patient was not put on ventilation and not intubated, duration of surgery was 2 hours. The patient is recovering very well there were no cardiac drugs required for the surgery and no blood transfusion required ( least blood loss ) and the patient only shifted once  ICU in 2 days post-surgery. He recovered completely and doing well and he is planning to start his own business in his village” he added. Dr. Mayank Somani Managing Director and CEO, Apollomedics super specialty hospital said that “we have a brilliant team of doctors here at Apollomedics hospital. I congratulate to Dr. Vijayant Devenraj and his team for this successful valve replacement awake surgery, we are well equipped with all the advanced life saving medical equipment and technology to perform any kind of innovative surgeries along with the routine cardiac surgeries with this innovative technique definitely, the people  are going to benefit.”

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