Hotel Hilton Garden Inn invites you to celebrate their 5 year anniversary

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Gomti Nagar is completing its 5 year anniversary this December. To celebrate this milestone, the hotel will be serving different cuisines every day from 5th December till 10th December, which will culminate in a Grand  Sunday Brunch on the 11th of December. The cuisines will include food from all over India, Read more about Hotel Hilton Garden Inn invites you to celebrate their 5 year anniversary[…]

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn invites you to tickle your taste buds during “Bengali Food Festival”

The Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Gomti Nagar, is organizing a Bengali Food Festival from October 14 to October 23, 2022. This culinary event aims to familiarise Lucknowites with Bengali cuisine and culture. Diners can savor non-vegetarian cuisine such as Dim Chingir Devil, Parshe Mach Bhaja, Murgir Jhol, and Bhetki Kalo Jeera during the event.

Hotel Hilton Garden Lucknow organizes "Goan Food Festival"

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Lucknow organizes “Goan Food Festival”

For the people who love tasting foods from different states of our vast country, Hotel Hilton Garden Inn has organized the Goan Food Festival. With authentic dishes from Goa, this festival is being organized from September 9 to September 18. Guests will enjoy the buffet dinner with specialties such as Fish Recheado, Mutton Vindaloo, Chicken Xacuti, Fish Dub Dabit, Goan Fish Curry, and many more dishes along with traditional Goan desserts.