Successful surgery for a rare and life-threatening case Placenta Percreta at Apollomedics hospital

Successful surgery for a rare and life-threatening case Placenta Percreta at Apollomedics hospital

Lucknow December 13, 2019:  Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital’s Doctors have saved not only one but two lives by conducting yet another rare surgery. Placenta percreta is a very rare and life-threatening condition in pregnant women. According to research, it occurs in only 2 out of 1 lakh women.

Mrs. Anita Shahi, who was 8 months pregnant, came from Nepal in an unconscious and critical condition to the Emergency at Apollomedics Hospital, Lucknow. She was 32 weeks pregnant, having massive haemorrhage and suspected ARF. After examining her, the doctors found that her placenta had perforated the muscle of the uterus and invaded the urinary bladderThis condition is called Placenta Percreta. And at 32 weeks pregnancy it was a major challange to save the mother and the foetus. Familiarity with such cases is crucial for effective management.

At Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital Chief Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr. Neelam Vinay due to her vast experience was quick in recognizing the risks and a detailed plan to save both the mother and the fetus was made in no time using a multimodal approach under her guidance involving Chief Consultant OBGYN, Dr. Neelam Vinay, Chief Consultant, and Interventional Radiologist Dr. R.V. Phadke, Senior Consultant, Urology and Kidney Transplant Dr. Rahul Yadav Interventional Radiologist Dr. R.V. Phadke first placed endovascular baloons in both the internal iliac arteries. The patient was then moved to the OT table, here the anaesthesiologists secured excellent invasive monitoring in the form of the central line, arterial line and wide bore IV access to combat hemodynamic instability which was anticipated when the surgery would begin.

Dr. Neelam Vinay did a hysterotomy, got the baby out and handed it over to the Paediatrician. Dr Phadke inflated the endovascular balloons which blocked the blood flow to the uterus in a significant way. Dr. Manish provided excellent hemodynamic stability allowing Dr. Neelam Vinay to proceed with hysterectomy. Dr. Rahul removed the part of the bladder that was invaded by the placenta and reconstructed the urinary bladder.

This complex surgery lasted approximately 5 hours.  Due to the tireless efforts of the doctors, both women and newborns were saved.  Considering the status of the woman, she was kept in the ICU for a week and then shifted to the ward. After one month the woman and child were discharged from the hospital in stable condition. This would not have been possible without outstanding support from the blood bank, the ICU team and the Neonatologists. 

Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital Managing Director and CEO Dr. Mayank Somani said, “I congratulate the team of doctors at Apollomedics Hospital. It is a very comforting and proud moment for any doctor when she successfully completes complex surgeries. Something of the kind was done by our Apollomedics Hospital’s doctors, I appreciate it.

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