Kaivalya Communication is known for implementing creative and customized public relations programs designed to impact clients' specific business goals and objectives. Our Services include

Crisis Management: It can take years to build an organization’s corporate reputation, and only minutes to tear it down. When a crisis stricks, Kaivalya Communication will provide you the necessary crisis management. We’ll help you put the right spin on the situation, intervene with the press as needed, and protect your company image. Our expert teams, who have handled many corporate crises, will help you develop a comprehensive crisis planning and communications programme to prepare your company to give right crisis response.

Media Tour:We plan tours and arrange series of meetings for client with specific print, online and/or broadcast journalists in selected cities to build stronger relationships.

Media Relations:Executing high-impact media exposure on local and national level based on in-depth understanding of client goals and positioning and extensive media contacts and relationships.

Writing Services:We understand how to differentiate our clients from their competitors, and how to craft a message to maximize placement opportunities and create a great buzz for the brand. Writing services will include creation of press kit, press releases, industrial Stories and bylined articles for our clients.

Celebrity PR:We help in correctly position the celebrity in public, manage the media and make sure that the celebrity does not get into any kind of controversy.

Press Conference: We organise press conferences for our clients during new launches, product showcasing etc. We target only that media which generates maximum press coverage.

Press Briefings: We also organise press briefings for our clients for any major announcement such as major change in the business direction etc.

One on One:One on one interactions with the journalists for feature stories, issue/trend based stories etc as per the requirement of the client.

Media Monitoring Report:Company, competitor and industry specific media tracking on daily basis.
"Our priority is to maintain the dignity of our client at the end of every work we do."

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