Midland Hospital celebrated Mother’s Day with Super-mothers pledging against COVID-19

  • Midland Hospital conducted a session #coronavirusVSsupermothers to uplift the spirit of super-mothers on duty.
  • This session also catered advices by doctors on how mothers can prevent COVID-19 situation at homes.

Lucknow, 10th May, 2020: On the occasion of Mother’s Day which is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. Midland Healthcare & Research Center facilitated the super-mothers who are doing the toughest job in these crucial times of COVID-19 both as a mother and medical professionals or health workers abide by their duties.

A session #coronavirusVSsupermothers was also conductedwith the aim of encouraging the strong spirit of super-mothers on duty. The lady doctors and nurses who are mothers and working in the hospital shared their experience of these times as how they are managing both the roles and also gave advices to protect the families as a household from COVID-19.

Midland Healthcare & Research Centre, Gynaecologist, Dr. Sarika Agarwal said, “In these tough times we have been endorsed upon with a challenging situation to make a balance in our work and household activities. There is always a fear that we may not be a carrier of this deadly virus to our home, and at the same time duty and dedication towards our patients does not allows us to confine ourselves to our homes. I would like to give advice especially those who are near to give birth to neonates or have given they must take universal precautions and keep a control on their antenatal and postnatal visits and also to consult a doctor before visiting the hospital.”

Midland Healthcare & Research Centre, Paediatrician, Dr. Purvi Mittal said, “After reaching home, I first ensure that I use a hand rub, keep my footwear outside and don’t allow my children to touch me until I take a bath. I would also like to share some basic advice for mothers to prevent COVID-19 situation at their homes. It is suggested to not allow your child to come in close contact with anyone who has cold or fever, try to keep your child busy in indoor activities to avoid stress and infections, mothers can include healthy food like citrus fruits including lemon, orange and plenty of water in routine of every member of their family.”

Midland Healthcare & Research Centre, Director, Dr. B.P Singh said, “These challenging times of COVID-19 are more taxing for all the mothers and women who are households and also working especially as a corona warrior such as medical professionals, healthworkers, female cops and cleaners. We also have many doctors and nurses who are suffering a lot in this lockdown because of the non-availability of conveyance and for health and safety of their family. It seems difficult for them to manage at home when there are no househelp available and hospital duties on the other hand. Our nursing incharge Preeti Tiwari who lives in Para, Rajajipiuram steps down to the hospital regularly amid lockdown managing her house as well as her duty. At, Midland Hospital we salute the spirit of supermothers like her who are managing between the two most difficult roles in these tough times beautifully.”

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