Kids showcased their talent in Sargam Dance Academy Annual Function

Kids showcased their talent in Sargam Dance Academy Annual Function

Sargam Dance Academy‘s annual function and summer showcase was celebrated with great fanfare, in which the Mayor of Lucknow, Sanyukta Bhatia and former DGP Sulkhan Singh were present as the Chief guest.

The program was inaugurated by Lightning the lamp. President of the organization Manjit Kaur honored the Mayor of Sanyukta Bhatia and former DGP Sulkhan Singh with the motto and shawl. The program was started from National Anthem,after that Saraswati Vandana was performed by the childrens in which mainly  Shubhi, Shweta, Riddhima performed. Om Shree, Yuga, Aarav, Shikhar Shashwat, Aryan, Shreyansh, Aishwarya, Nakshatra, Tejasavi, Chirag, Aditya Aditya, Sanskrati, Aaradhya, Sneha Arya performed a dance on Chuck Dhoom Dhoom and Bam Bham Bhole. Nisha Aryan, Prateek, Saksham, Meenakshi, Arohi, Sanavi, Chetan, Sarthak, Riddhima, Rakshit, Anushka, presented colorful performance on patriotic songs (Swadesh).

During the program, some honorable guests were honored with the Guest of Honor Award, in which Congress spokesperson of Priyanka Gupta, Kalaashree Amrit Sinha, Gyanendra Bajpai, Ruby Raj Singh, Vivek Srivastava (Editor) Nav Sir (Choreographer) were also present. Om Singh  a social worker, Shailendra Singh (Senior Correspondent), Prashant Mishra (Correspondent), Amit Saxena (Social Worker), Ajay Shrivastav (Social worker) were also present.

By concluding the program Manjit Kher, Founder and director of Sargam Dance Academy  honored all the childrens with certificates and mementos. During the program, the whole hall was filled with people. In which well-known choreographers of Lucknow along with the children’s parents were also present.

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