Involve 2 Evolve Summit 2019

Motto– The summit is a sincere attempt to provide a fresh perspective to Education Ecosystem & Beyond. India has a large human capital; however, to reap the benefit of this human capital we need to effect a paradigm shift in our education system. Our existing educational ecosystem leaves much to be desired as our students go through a lot of distress and anxiety for securing their future. We need to have adequate support systems in place for the students so that they are not frustrated and remain mentally strong under all condition.

Chief Guest & guests of honour – Mr. Rajendra Pratap Singh, cabinet minister U.P. would be the chief Guest for the summit, while Ms. Aradhana Shukla, Principal Secretary Department of Secondary Education U.P., Dr. Sanjeev Bansal, Founder Chairman, Global Peace Foundation, and Mr. Pawan Mishra, Chairman Indo Thai News would be the guest of honour. Other guests of honour are Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mahendra Dayal, Retd. Judge High Court Lucknow, Mr. I. B. Singh, Senior Advocate, High Court Lucknow & Mr. R.K. Singh, Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Lucknow.

Summit Inclusions –The summit would include 3 sessions:

1. Aspire – a panel discussion to explore the technological advances in pedagogical methods to make learning more effective & help students fulfill their aspirations of achieving excellence. The discussion would also focus on skills that improve the employability quotient of students.
2. Adhere – The focus of this panel discussion is adherence to best practices in parents’ role & contribution in control stress & anxiety level among students.

3. Acknowledge – a felicitation ceremony to acknowledge the individuals & institutions who have acted as a catalyst to bring about a change in the education ecosystem.

Eminent educationists & professionals such as Mr. Gaurav Prakash, Partner Universal Booksellers, Mr. Jatin Srivastava Partner Seth & Associates. The other notable speakers would be Dr. Samir Tripathi CMD Medhaj Techno Concepts Pvt. Ltd., Ms. Nandita Sahu, Head of Vidsan Charterhouse, Mr. Vivekanand Prasad, Founder, Techprolabs, Ms. Manjari Pandey, Director MIMFA & MFAB9, Mr. Okesh Chhabra, Corporate Trainer & guest lecturer to UCLA & Pepperdine University., Dr. Tushar Chetwani, Award-winning memory trainer, would also share their insights to further add value to the summit.
Honorary Doctorate & certificate of honour would be awarded to individuals who have made a positive contribution to the society and cause of education.

Mr. Dinesh Bawra, stand-up comedian & lyricist would regale the audience with his composition.

Mr. Raghvendra Rai would deliver the thank you note at the end of the summit.

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