Innovation Welfare Society (IWS) organized Lucknow Health Run in Janeshwar Mishra Park

Lucknow Health Run

Early hours of sunday at Janeshwar Mishra Park was more bustling than everyday. More than 1500 people including children  assembled at Gate No.1 of Janeshwar Mishra Park sharp 5:00 am to be apart of this health awarness program. It was commedable to see the enthusiasm of people including children who were so much aware and concerned towards their health. The entire crowd was paticipating in the marathon organised by Innovation Welfare Society(iws). Its been over a month that people had been waiting for “Lucknow Health Run” . Secretary of innovations welfare society Mohd. Badar said”It was wonderful to see  the excitemnt of the gathered people. The run was divided into 3 categories kids run which was of 3km,5km and 10km. The 1st flag off took  for 10km at 6:00am it being the longest run,The 2nd was of 5 and then the kids run.

Many families were also seen running in Lucknow Health Run. Which was quite encouraging for all around . Not only this but kids as yound as 5 also paticipated happily in the run.

All the participants were given a bib number embeded with a chip that tracked their time of run. The bib number was the User Id and the registered mobile the Password .

Many professional runners who were made ambassadors also added glitz and glammar to the run amongst which col. Bajrang Singh who has qualified for Boston Marathon 2020 was seen . Along with him was Arun Mishra , Ajeet Kumar Singh, Preeti Ahuja ,Amit Sharma,Devesh Kumar Dubey and Mohit Tandon were amongst the ambassadors of “Lucknow Health Run”.

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