‘Hybrid Neta’ launched at Metaphor Festival

'Hybrid Neta' launched at Metaphor Festival

Lucknow: The impact of any city definitely affects the people living there. ‘Lucknow’ (Lucknow’s people) live anywhere in the world, they have such a debt of the City Lucknow, which does not come off. Probably the same has happened with Sudhir Mishra Ji. After reading his book Hybrid Neta, it is known that the writer has an idealized image about Lucknow, he cannot tolerate even the slightest flaw in it, whether in government or in a public.
On the occasion of the launching of the Hybrid Neta book, well-known senior Journalist Mr. Sudhir Mishra told In the first compilation of the book How the talk start through a ‘Trained ho Thekedar’, to the training of the politicians in IIM and eventually it ends on contractor-minister.

Sudhir Mishra's book 'Hybrid Neta' depicts a conflict between experience and bad arrangements during his struggle.

You can say this is the style of Sudhir Mishra Ji or his bare style which gets the attention of another satirical essay, ‘Mukari’ and ‘Netagiri Ki Thumari’.

Take ‘U-Turn’ reading of this compilation shows how crying without shedding tears has become an art. Somewhere the Municipal Corporation, Gram Panchayat, Vidhan Sabha or Lok Sabha, otherwise there are elections for employees’ unions and students’ unions. Overall ‘Netagiri’ is a full-time job. In another compilation of them, there is a poignant mention of the problems of marriage in the non-fraternity in the society through caste-bonding, while during the elections, the politics of vote-bank of the caste has been attacked. In ‘borrowing life’, Mr. Mishra has made a satirical depiction of being fled abroad by taking thousands of crores from Indian banks and on the other side there are poor farmers, fearing a few thousand loans of banks, they commit suicide.

Sudhir Mishra’s book ‘Hybrid Neta‘ depicts a conflict between experience and bad arrangements during his struggle.

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