Ek shaam “Hanuman ke Naam”

27th April-  JB Charitable Trust hosted Two day program from due to the commencement of the Mangalacharya on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti and 18th Anniversary in Balrampur Garden. In the same sequence, Mr. Ramesh Bhai  Shukla ji had a devotional description of The Hanumat Charitra in his sweet voice, which enchanted the devotees on the occasion of “Hanuman ke Naam”.

A large number of devotees present in the whole Pandal and performed on the music. Dance drama based on Hanumant Leela performed by Sangeeta Ahuja and Sharmishtha Mitra of the Yash Musical Foundation . Late-night in Bhandara after Aarti and until the devotee accepts Bhandara’s offerings.

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