Cochlear Implant of a Child Born With Hearing Impairment


First cochlear implant done in Apollomedics Hospital

First cochlear implant done in Apollomedics Hospital

First cochlear implant done in Apollomedics Hospital 

Successful cochlear implant of congenital speech and hearing impaired child was done at Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital. This surgery was performed by the ENT Team comprising Dr. Rajeev Khanna (Chief Consultant – ENT Dept), Dr. Sonam Rathi, Dr. Pragati Sharma & other specialist doctors and para-medical staff of Apollomedics Hospital.

Dr. Mayank Somani, MD & CEO, Apollomedics Superspeciality Hospital said, “At Apollomedics Hospital, we are continuously setting new benchmarks. Most of the hospitals performing cochlear implant does not have all the facilities available. We are glad that Apollomedics Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the country. It is one of the few hospitals where all facilities are now available for Cochlear Implant. Facility of Pre-Surgery Psychological Assessment, Post Surgery Psychological Counselling to motivate the patient, Speech Therapy etc. under one roof Apollomedics Hospital Apart from this, there is assistance from the government for the patients who are financially weak. I hope that in future also Apollo Hospital Lucknow will continue to provide excellent medical services to the people of the state.

Dr Rajiv Khanna told that, a four-year-old girl resident of Bareilly, had a congenital speech and hearing problem. The tests revealed that she had congenital deafness which can be treated with the help of cochlear implant. She came to Apollomedics Hospital Lucknow for treatment where the girl underwent cochlear implant surgery. This is the first surgery of its kind at Apollo Hospital Lucknow.

Dr Rajeev Khanna further explained that Cochlear Implant is a type of device which is implanted in patients suffering from congenital deafness. But the patient does not start hearing immediately after the cochlear implant is placed. After surgery, the child has to undergo speech therapy for about one to two years in which the child is taught to speak.

Dr. Sonam Rathi said, “The work of cochlear implant is only 20 percent. After this, the work of rehabilitation and speech therapy is 80 percent. After speech therapy, the parents of the child have to work even harder at home. The more parents are active in teaching the child to speak, the sooner they will learn to speak”.

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