Excision of tumor & replacement with the mega-prosthesis in Radius Joint Surgery Hospital

Excision of tumor & replacement with the mega-prosthesis in Radius Joint Surgery Hospital

17 September 2019: Radius Joint Surgery Hospital ’s chief Consultant & Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Sanjai Kumar Srivastava did a successful surgery of cancerous tumor which developed in the right arm of the Patient. 

The 65-year-old patient resident of Gorakhpur had visited several prestigious private and government hospitals in UP but he could not get treatment anywhere, he was advised to get his right upper limb amputated and removed to save his life from cancer and was referred to Tata memorial hospital Mumbai with the advice that his hand and arm can only be saved there as they do these complex surgeries. Then he came to Radius Joint Surgery Hospital, consulted Dr. Sanjai Kumar Srivastava who got cancer controlled with chemotherapy by an oncologist and operated on the patient and did a complete removal of the cancerous tumor and replaced elbow and arm with mega-prosthesis.

Dr. Sanjai Srivastva said “it was a very difficult and very advance surgery because in this surgery we have to operate this tumor with special technique keeping in mind that tumor cells do not spread to other parts of the body. If we open the tumor there was a risk of spreading in other body parts so we have to isolate the tumor first, the patient was having a tumor in his right arm. It was operated and the tumor was completely removed and successfully arm and elbow joint replaced. The part of the tumor was surrounded by several nerves and arteries of the upper limb, we have to dissect them, every nerve we had to identify then dissect it.

This type of complex replacement is being done for the first time in Uttar Pradesh and we had to get these implants from Mumbai specifically for this patient.

 Dr. Sanjai Srivastava said “this surgery, which lasted for 4 and half hours, was carried out successfully. The Patient is progressing well and he was discharged from the hospital after 5 days. His limb has been saved and once full recovery has taken place patient will be able to use his right hand and elbow normally.”

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