Cricketer Suresh Raina shares his success mantra with SBI staff

 Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina in SBI to show case his memoir “Believe- What Life And Cricket Taught Me”.

Lucknow 20th July, 2021: Indian cricketer Shri Suresh Raina was at State bank of India local head office in Lucknow on July 20, 2021 to show case his memoir “Believe- What Life And Cricket Taught Me”. Raina shared success mantra with bank staff and media. Shri Raina shared special moments he collected in the book and how he encountered challenges as a young cricketer. The cricketer also spoke on his long time association with the SBI. Not just Shri Raina is a long time account holder but several of his seniors who helped carve his game have given their services to the bank and some of them are serving even today. Sharing moments from his book Shri Suresh Raina explained about success mantra, failure, injury, hope and despair that are part of life. His memoir compiles all these colours of life and explains the journey how he reached the top. His inner journey to achieve his dream.

While interacting with State Bank of India members, Shri Suresh Raina said the book “Believe”- What life and Cricket taught me’ plays a guiding role in the lives of people who believe in getting ahead in their own lives.
Whatever I have learnt from Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar or Harbhajan Singh during my training period is a part of ‘Believe’.

There was enthusiasm among the bank staff regarding visit of Shri Suresh Raina. Mr Ajay Kumar Khanna, the Chief General Manager, SBI Lucknow Circle said, “Shri Suresh Raina has been an exemplary performer in the game of cricket and has performed best in all formats of cricket. Similarly the SBI too has been performing its best and has satisfied its customers for all their needs. This is the reason why SBI is on the top in banking sector. Indian cricket team members are called ‘men in blue’ and the SBI’s logo too is in blue colour.”

Mr. Khanna while sharing the details of the visit by Shri Suresh Raina said that Raina visited and shared some of his cricketing life’s golden moments that have found mentioned in his book too. Shri Raina took details of the ‘Sakhi’ mentorship programme of the SBI and also inquired about the vaccination for the bank staff.
All the eligible staff members have got their first dose of covid vaccination (100% first dose administered) and many have got their second dose also. According to their schedule the bank staff shall take their second dose as well.

Sharing about the ‘Sakhi’ mentorship programme Mr Khanna said, “When I joined the bank in June 2020 I got to know that women staff from different parts of the country have been appointed in the bank. These women come from different cultural background. To understand new environment and new people it takes time and hence sometimes there are issues. To find a permanent solution to the issues is the ‘Sakhi’ mentorship programme. The name was given ‘Sakhi’ as a friend share with another friend all that matters. Friends also share their stress moments and also find solutions together. It is
pride for the Lucknow circle of the SBI that a programme started here has been implemented in all the branches across the country.”

General Managers of SBI Sri D. S. Rawat (NW I), Sri A. D. Ratna Teja (NW II), Sri Alok Kumar S. Sinha (NW III), Sri Varun R G Upadhyay, General Manager CAO, Sri Manoj Mehrotra (G. M. OSD) and Sri Himanshu Shekhar, Circle Development Officer and were also present in the event. The event was also attended by DGM (B&O) & Regional Managers attended the event through Video Conferencing.

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