“Cancer Warriors” program held at Apollomedics Hospital

"Cancer Warriors" program held at Apollomedics Hospital

Lucknow, 4 February 2020: Cancer has become a worldwide disease that makes it difficult for a sufferer’s body to function normally. Doctors believe that cancer is not incurable, it just needs to be diagnosed at the right time to get treated properly.

On this Cancer Day, "Cancer Warriors" program was organized by Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital.

On this Cancer Day, “Cancer Warriors” program was organized by Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital.

In this program, the cancer survivors shared success stories of their battle with cancer. Also NGOs working for Cancer were felicitated. The cancer survivors also expressed their joy of defeating cancer in their life by blowing a bunch of balloons in the air and conveying the strong message of “I can and I will” against cancer. A 2 day free Cancer OPD (on 4th & 5th Feb) was also provided by Apollomedics Hospitals.

On this Cancer Day, "Cancer Warriors" program was organized by Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital.

In this session, the theme “Life Style and Cancer” was discussed among the Cancer Survivors, NGOs like Antardhwani Cancer Foundation, Cancer aid society, Eshwer child welfare foundation, Can kids, Caring soul along with the oncology team of the Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital Dr. Harshvardhan Atreya, (Medical Oncology), Dr. Kamlesh Verma, (Surgical Oncology), Dr. Naresh Kumar (Nuclear Medicine), Dr. Suhaib (Radiation Oncology).

Dr. Harshvardhan Atreya, Medical Oncology of Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, said that cancer occurs when cells grow abnormally and divide uncontrollably. It should be detected immediately by biopsy examination that also determines the type and possible treatment of cancer. With the detection of cancer at its earliest stage, we seize the greatest opportunity to prevent millions of avoidable deaths. Following the procedure, chemotherapy is the main treatment that is applied to reduce the effect of cancer. Similarly, radiotherapy is given to reduce cancer tissues in the body.

Surgical oncology, Dr. Kamlesh Verma, says that “Cancer can be cured, provided it is dealt with strong willpower and determination to win. In the case of cancer, one should always follow the words of an expert regarding the medication, treatment, and lifestyle of a patient. Regular health checkups should be mandatory in the schedule to protect oneself from cancer. The consumption of cigarettes and alcohol can be the major reason for lung, head and throat cancer. Too much consumption of fast food can also led to the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Doing plenty of physical activity, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol, and staying out of the exposure of sun rays is advised. The patient is also instructed to use work and other daily activities during and after cancer treatment as opportunities to maintain normality and prevent severity.”

Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital Managing Director and CEO Dr. Mayank Somani said, “Our patient’s health has always been our priority. We have advanced technology & internationally trained cancer experts to help people with the latest equipment and technologies in medicaments. This campaign aimed to make people aware that cancer is worth fighting disease and one should confront the challenges of a cancer sufferer with their willpower to win. Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital always takes the pleasure to help our patients in their way of defeating diseases like Cancer.”

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