Can COVID-19 Penetrate Through Hair Follicles

It is possible for coronavirus to stay on hair, but you should not be so concerned.

Lucknow, 19 June 2020: As the Coronavirus is mutating and researches are going on to determine that for how long the virus can survive on different surfaces.  We all our doing our best to keep COVID-19 at bay, but ever wondered what if it is in your hair.

Sharing his views on the same, Dr. B P Singh, Director, and Senior Respiratory Consultant, Midland Healthcare and Research Centre said, “It is possible for coronavirus to stay on hair, but you should not be so concerned. Usually, viruses survive for lesser durations on porous surfaces (such as hair), than smooth surfaces (such as stainless steel). Natural oil secreted by our hair follicles has antimicrobial properties that act as a protecting layer against outside viruses. Theoretically speaking, coronavirus can pass from hair to hands and to mucosa, but there is no direct evidence that this is the case.

When it comes to hair and COVID-19, the real risk is going to barbershops or salons where the hairstylist will be in close contact and only social distancing along with the use of PPE kit by barber and sanitization of hands is the key to prevention. Washing your hair too often can actually damage your scalp’s natural defense mechanisms, including the oils and friendly bacteria that normally cover your scalp which can make your scalp more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections and injury.

Try to avoid touching your hair if your hands may be contaminated. Unless someone is sneezing or coughing directly into your hair, or contacting your hair with virus-contaminated hands in any way, there are not too many ways that your hair can be contaminated with the virus to eventually get you sick.”

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