Cabinet Minister Mr. Brijesh Pathak and Mayor of Lucknow, Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia inaugurated The Centrum

Cabinet Minister Mr. Brijesh Pathak

Cabinet Minister Mr. Brijesh Pathak and Mayor of Lucknow, Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia inaugurated The Centrum

-The hotel draws inspiration from the rich architecture of Lucknow, it is traditional yet contemporary. 

-The Centrum is an ‘Atmanirbhar’, all Indian – make hotel brand

Lucknow, 12 November 2021: Honorable Cabinet Minister Mr. Brijesh Pathak and Honorable Mayor of Lucknow, Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia inaugurated The Centrum, located at Sushant Golf City, Lucknow on Friday. The property is one of the projects signed off by the Government at Uttar Pradesh’s first Investors’ Summit which was held in Lucknow in 2018. According to Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Chairman of Mansingh Goel Group and Promoter of The Centrum, all the products used in the construction, designs, interiors  of the hotel, were conceptualized domestically, in order to promote government’s One District One Product scheme. 

Hon’ble Cabinet Minister Mr. Brijesh Pathak, during the inaugural ceremony of The Centrum, said,  “I was surprised to hear from Mr. Goel that such incredible architecture of the  property is made from just Indian products. I applaud him for bringing the government’s Vocal for Local scheme into limelight through the hotel. I am very sure that the place will be booked throughout the years and many high profile ceremonies and programs will surely be organized in The Centrum.”

Mrs. Sanjyukta Bhatia said, “Lucknow is becoming a tourism hub very rapidly. The development we are witnessing here is no short of an achievement. The Centrum will surely be an asset for the tourism industry in the state. I was mesmerized by its beautiful architecture. I’m so proud to know that the hotel has not used any international product. I thank Mr. Goel for promoting the Vocal for Local scheme of the government.”

Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Chairman, Mansingh Goel Group and Promoter of The Centrum said, “Lucknow is emerging as a very important tourist destination. It not only attracts foreign tourists but also Indians in very large. We are proud to say that we are completely booked until February. We hope that The Centrum makes the world aware of the state’s rich culture.”

Mr.Goel also said that the resort was one of the projects which was signed with the government in the first Investors’ Summit. This hotel is decorated with samples of ancient craftsmanship of India, especially Lucknow. Keeping in mind the youthful nature of our country, the building has been constructed contemporarily.

Mr. Sarvesh Goel said that hand-made stones and metals have been installed at  the entrance of every room, banquet hall etc. The pots from the famous Chinhat Pottery of Lucknow  have been installed in the ceilings of the hotel suites. The property is heavily influenced by indigenous stone architecture with descending roofs and beautiful hallways. The Centrum is an ‘Atmanirbhar’ all Indian – make hotel brand. 

The Centrum

The Centrum

With 116 rooms, three banquet halls and a grand convention center, the hotel is spread in a area of about 6 acres. The grand convention center of the hotel is pillar-less, and built on the first floor. It is truly an architectural wonder. The hotel also has a lawn, mini theater, lounge etc. for indoor and outdoor entertainment. All in all, guests are going to have a truly immersive experience. 

The property has three big banquet halls – Florum, Fulcrum and Optimum. Florum and  Fulcrum have been built in an area of about 6 thousand square feet and have seating arrangements for about 500 to 600 people in both these banquet halls. Whereas, the Optimum Banquet Hall has been built in an area of 2 thousand square feet, in which there is a seating arrangement of about 100 people. All these halls have mesmerising architecture. 

The hotel has five suite rooms, which include three executive rooms and two centrum suites. These suites are designed to give the guests a truly Indian experience they will never forget. 

Mr. Goel also said that in addition to the warm hospitality and gastronomical delicacies, The Centrum offers its guest a plethora of entertainment options. The hotel has table tennis, basketball, squash, a kids’ playing zone, and a mini theatre. To promote Fit-India, the hotel also organises occasional fitness related events. Apart from this, a poolside lounge area, a library, pastry shop and shopping area are also available in the hotel itself. At the shopping area, guests can buy handmade clothes and artifacts of Lucknow and UP. In this way, this hotel will not only provide its guests with a luxurious stay, but will also make the country’s art and culture famous all over the world through the government’s ODOP scheme.

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