Brain Tumor Surgery Done While Patient Was Doing Video Chat

Brain Tumor’s Awake Surgery In Apollomedics In 4 Hours of Brain Tumor Surgery, Patient Did Video Chatting

31 July 2019, Well people often do a video chat in regular life, but if somebody does it while having Intense Brain Tumor Surgery, then you will have to appreciate the courage of that person & the surgeon both.   

This is probably the first brain surgery done in Uttar Pradesh, where the patient had brain tumor surgery while video chatting with his family in Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital. A 20 years old boy’s brain tumor surgery was done while he was awake & was video chatting with his family in ApolloMedics Super Specialty Hospital.

Dr.Ravi Shankar, Neurosurgeon of Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, told that the 20-year-old boy was having a Tumor of 5 cm. in the left side of his brain, due to which his right arm and leg were becoming weak.  

These tumors are very rare & found only in 2 out of a million people. The patient doesn’t need to be unconscious in this surgery. After giving this information to the patient, he expressed his desire to undergo surgery in front of his family due to panic. 

But during the surgery, it was not possible for the family to be inside OT. In such a situation, the doctor offered a video chat during the surgery to the patient on which the patient also agreed. During this four-hour operation, the patient was in a video chat with his family and he didn’t even realize when his surgery was completed.

Dr. Ravi Shankar said that the patient had been suffering from weakness in the last two years. In such tumors, The direction of the brain in which the tumor occurs, the limbs of the opposite direction begin to weaken. And the weakness increases so much that the patient’s body part may also get paralyzed. The patient is completely healthy after surgery and is doing his job normally. Dr. Sushil Gattani, chairman of Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, has given the credit of this successful surgery to the whole team and said that his only aim is to provide the world’s best treatment to every patient of apollomedics super specialty hospital. Patient Sachin was discharged from the hospital after 4 days of his surgery.

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