Women of today’s time are ahead in every field “Asmita Sammaan” Ceremony

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10 March 2019: “Asmita Sammaan” ceremony organized by Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce. On this occassion today, 21 women who have differentiated themselves in various fields have been honored and encouraged. Welcoming the honoured guests on this occasion, Reena Singh, Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Wing said that today’s female is not weak, she can face every situation and is successful in every field.

In today’s era women is not left behind men, whether it is Navy, Business, Fashion, Media, Social Services, Science, Education, Writing, etc., every where she had excelled. On this occasion, the Chief Guest, Swati Singh, Women Welfare Minister congratulated the International Women’s Day, saying that there is a need to change thinking about women today. They should be given the respect of equal rights, the society needs to women of the village are more stong. God has created a woman to run this creation, but the society has tied the women, we will have to get her out of that bond. On the empowerment of women Dr. Lalit Khaitan Chairman PHD

Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that today women are working shoulder to shoulder with men everywhere. The stronger the women, greater support her if she is being harassed by someone. Do not silence her by saying that what the society will think instead women also have full authority to do every  thing according to their own will. People will have to change their thinking. She said that the country develops.

Under the leadership of Mr Gaurav Prakash  and Mr Mukesh Bahadur Singh – with the support of the chairman PhD Chamber of Commerce and Industry UP Chapter, concluded “Asmita Sammaan” ceremony, by honouring those women with memento for their achievement in their respective fields.

In the category of Young Achiever,

  • Aditi Kumar – Business Industries,
  • Raj Smriti -Writing, Blogging,
  • Aparajita Bansal-Legal Advisor,
  • Jyotsna Kumar Habibullah -Social Services,
  • Trisha Negi -Business
  • Manjula Goswami -education,
  • Sujata Singh, IPS- Public Service / Social Services,
  • Dr. Prerna Kapoor- Medical Science,
  • Dr. Neelam Vinay- Medical Science,
  • Dr. Shalini Singh -Special Science,
  • Asma Hussein- Fashion Designer,
  • Sharmistha Sharma -Media,
  • Anjali Jaipuria -Education,
  • Shelaja Devi -Business Industries
  • Aabha Singh -Social Services,

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