Apollomedics organised 2-minute fitness training program on Women’s Day

March 8, 2019: Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital with Airport Authority organised 2 minute fitness training program for female travellers on the account of World Women’s Day. During the camp named Super Women needs Super Care, fitness specialist and physiotherapist encouraged and raised awareness amongst female travellers about thier health and fitness at departure terminal of Lucknow Airport and fitness tips were given to women for so that they stay healthy.

Dr. Sushil Ghatani, Founder and Co-Chairman of Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital said that on behalf of Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, I thank the Airport Authority for supporting and initiating awareness camp for women. The idea is to increase awareness about women health issues that usually remain the last in the list of priorities in a family. Due to hectic daily schedule, many women do not take care of themselves, thus suffers with Obesity which is the root of many diseases itself.
However, if a woman can give some time to exercise, they will remain fit as well as healthy.

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