ApolloMedics conduct WOW – Wellness of Women programme with FICCI Flo in Lucknow

apollomedics wow

April 17, 2019: Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow and the FICCI Ladies Organisation(FLO) Lucknow-Kanpur chapter organised WOW – Wellness of Women programme. In its continuous effort to empower women through its various initiatives to create awareness about women’s health on Wednesday, April 17 at.The programme entailed a hospital and ER visit at the newly launched hospital on Kanpur Road, Lucknow, followed by talks on various women’s health issues. The programme was attended by prominent women of the city and FLO members,Dr Nidhi Tandon head of health committee, Madhuri Halwasiya (Vice Chaiperson), Anju Narain, Deepali Garg (treasurer), Puja Garg (secretary), Arushi Tandon, Roma Agarwal, Puja Sekera and Dr. Arpita Anand and Renuka Tandon, Chaiperson, FLO Lucknow Kanpur. Dr. Neelam Vinay, gynaecologist, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, oncologist, and Dr. Sandeep Gupta, orthopaedic, Dr. Devesh Gupta Form Apollo medics Super Speciality Hospital were also be the aprt of this Program.

Dr. Sushil Gattani, Founder & Co-chairman, Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital spoke about the programme and said that we have to encourage this kind of programs to empower women. In this current lifestyle women are taking care of their health they should be aware and morealert about their Health.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, oncologist, gave a talk on Cancer in Women,said that Cancer is not incurable diseases, if in early stage the symptoms can diagnose then the treatment is possible for Cancer. Mostly women don’t care about initial signals but Don’t avoid early symptoms like cyst and pain.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta, orthopaedic, have an enlightening talk on bone care for women.He said that have healthy diet and should Include Green vegetables and Milk in your daily diet. Nowadays out of 100,98 women encounter with ortho problems. Knee Pain is a common problem in women, Exrcise like morning walks,cycling, Yoga will help to get rid from this problem.

In this programme Dr. Neelam Vinay, gynaecologist spoke about Wellbeing among women,In female,alykylating agents and radiations are at high risk to induce premature ovarian failure which has major impact on fertility,quality of life,sexuality and also induce osteoporosis and cardiovascular disorders. In order to take care of these consequences we have multidisplinary approach including gynecological, endocrinological, pre-conceptional, sexological and psychological cares for young patients having been treated for cancer.

While Speaking about the event, Renuka Tandon, Chaiperson, FLO Lucknow Kanpur, said, “Women tend to sideline vital issues about their health and procrastinate regular check-ups. The intention behind organising this health awareness event was to encourage them and guide them about women-specific health problems. I am glad that our members participated enthusiastically in today’s programme.”

On this occasion, all the women attending the event were given a complimentary DEXA scan( A test to judge bone density).

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