Chemical dyes used in the production of clothes, harm the environment as well as our health

AMA Group of companies

  • AMA Herbal Group of Companies conducted a 5 day training program with a private university 
  • The certificate program trained future professionals in dyeing with natural dyes

As a result of fast-changing fashion trends, consumers tend to renew their wardrobes more frequently. This has led to the increased and continuous production of textiles, and subsequently, increased use of non-renewable resources and the disposal rate. At the same time, people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Sustainability has become a popular subject for research in the textile and clothing field in recent years. In order to make future professionals aware about sustainable dyes, AMA Herbal conducted a training program with a private university..  Experts who delivered lectures at the training program were Dr. M.Raza, technical director, Mr. Sadat Khan, Mr. Prabhat Singh, Mr. Rahul Ranjan and Mohd Zakir. 


“Continuing the agenda of promoting and supporting sustainability, AMA Herbal initiated a Natural Dyeing Certificate Program. This was a first-of-its-kind program where industry and university joined hands to  teach students about Eco-Friendly natural dyes.  The 5-day training program trained students in dyeing with natural dyes in addition to  briefing them about the history, various sources of natural dyes, and various dyeing techniques with natural dyes.” said the VP of Sustainable Business Opportunities, Hamza Zaidi.


Co-Founder, and CEO, AMA Herbal Group of Companies, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah, said, “World of textile has shifted to chemical dyes in search of bright colors, low cost dyeing, and fast production. They never think about the environment. Its continued use has made the textile industry the second largest pollutant of the World. Many efforts to make industry sustainable and eco-friendly are underway. But shifting to natural dye is still not considered even when it’s scientifically proven that natural dyes have the potential of making textile sustainable. Chemical dyes drastically pollute the land, water, and air. We want our future professionals to know of the available technology that can make textiles more sustainable.”


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