All urban local bodies to activate monitoring committees and to carry out aggressive cleanliness, hygiene & sanitation work: Urban Development Minister

–        Arrangements will be made on the war level regarding the drought epidemic.

–        Honourable Urban Development Minister Mr. Ashutosh Tandon gave required guidelines & institution to all the mayors and Municipal Commissioners of the state.


Lucknow: 19 April 2021, Hon’ble Urban Development Minister Shri Ashutosh Tandon ji gave necessary institutions to all the heads of Municipal bodies of the state to fight against Corona high level virtual meeting on Monday. He instructed & gave guidelines for carrying out sanitary and fogging operations in every ward from the conservation zones of all districts of Uttar Pradesh, fixing the arrangements for the cremation site, eliminating the drinking water crisis. He also instructed the cleaning of the drainage system before the monsoons.

He also instructed the officials to keep the municipal employees involved in sanitation work motivated and provide them essential safety and security kit to protect them against CoVid-19.

Urban Development Minister Shri Ashutosh Tandon ji directed that the monitoring committee should be activated  in every wards of every district of the state. The Monitoring Committee consists of its chairman, government officials, Asha Anganwadi and defence people. These monitoring committees should take care of the number of contentment zones  made in the state and the number of people who are in home isolation. Those who are ill with Covid 19 or who are above 45 years, help in their vaccination.

Urban Development Minister Shri Ashutosh Tandon ji directed that the level of sanitation and sanitation will be increqsed on a large scale in the state. Sanitization should be done by making rosters in every ward. During the partial lock down, a massive sanitation drive will also be carried out on Sunday. In which large carts and fire brigades will be used for sanitization. Apart from this, the Honourable  Minister has also instructed all the municupal commissioners of the state to make proper arrangements at the funeral sites.

The Urban Development Minister said that special attention should be given to the  the front-line sanitization workers of the Municipal Corporation. They should be protected with the arrangement of PPE kit, sanitizer, face, gloves etc. for them.

He also directed for special attention to tackle crisis of drinking water in summer season. Where there is a crisis of drinking water, rebore will be done. Where there is leakage, arrangements should be made where there is a need to install PC pumps. Chlorination should be done regularly for water cleaning, and water testing should also be done.

During this virtual meeting, all the mayors and municipal commissioners of the state, including Special Secretary, Urban Development Department Mr. Anurag Yadav & Mr. Sanjay Yadav, Secretary Mr. Anil Kumar, and Special Secretary Urban Devlopmenत, State Mission Director, Smart Cities, Mr. Indramani Tripathi, and others were present.

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