‘for 59th  National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships 2019′

PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, UP in association with UP Athletics Association (UPAA) & Athletics Federation of India (AFI) organized the Logo, Mascot & Athletics Kit unveiling ceremony on 29th July 2019 at Hotel Taj Mahal, Lucknow for 59th  National Inter State Senior Athletics Championships 2019′

The function was graced by the esteemed presence of Shri Chetan Chauhan, Hon’ble Minister of Youth & Sports, Government of UP as Chief Guest and many other ministers viz along with other eminent dignitaries like Dr. Lalit Khaitan, CMD, Radico Khaitan Ltd. and Chairman, UP State Chapter of PHD Chamber, Shri. Kunwar Fateh Bahadur Singh, IAS (Retd.) and President, UP Athletics Association, Shri Raju Srivastava, Chairman, Film Development Council, UP, Shri Binod Kumar Singh, IPS, ADG – PAC, Co-Chairmen of UP State Chapter, Shri Mukesh Bahadur Singh, Shri Gaurav Prakash along with Principal Director, PHDCCI, Mr. Yogesh Srivastav and Resident Director, PHDCCI, UP Chapter Ms. Anuradha Goel in the august presence of Sportspersons viz Padma Shri P T Usha, Padma Shri Sriram Singh, Arjuna Awardee Ms. Rachita Mistry, Arjuna Awardee Ms. Sudha Singh and Mr. C K Valson, Secretary, AFI.

The four-day championship scheduled during 27-30th August 2019 will be contested by more than 600 athletes from all the States and Union Territories of India as well as from neighbouring countries. This Championship will be a stage on which Indian athletes will have a last chance to prove their worth and get selected to the Indian Athletics Team to take part in “IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019”, to be held from September 27 to October 6, 2019 in Doha, (Qatar).

In his welcome remarks, Mr. Mukesh Bahadur Singh, Co-Chairman, UP Chapter, PHD Chamber and also the convener of this ‘59th National Inter State Senior Athletics Championships 2019‘ asserted that while preparing the programme layout we had vision  how to promote sports as a career in UP.  Sports star paly a very important role of putting Chandan on forehead of our country. PT Usha, Sudha Singh, Rachika Mistri, Shri Ram Singh, had raised the honour of our national flag in the world. We approached Sport Authority of India, they supported a lot but due to some technical reasons this 4 day event is scheduled at 35 PAC Batalion Athletic Stadium. We have requested Hon’ble Chief Minister to grace the closing ceremony as a chief guest & he verbally committed his presence.

Yogesh Srivastava, Principal Director, PHD Chamber UP Chapter said this is going to be a very honourable programme not only for country but  PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry is being connected for the first time in history to associate with sports. Sports not only enhances physical ability but today sports is a complete industry. We believe that if state & central govt consider this as a complete industry our youth will proactively participate in sports. PHD Chamber is very proud of getting associated with Athletics Association.

Dr.  Lalit Khaitan, President, UP Chapter, PhD Chamber said that today our players are getting better facilities, whereas earlier if a girl wanted to wear half pants, she would have to face a lot of social pressure, but the passion of the game was so ridiculous. It Was bypassing the social pressures, facing the challenges coming in the way, achieving its destination. He said that Sports, today, has become a multi-billion dollar global industry – one that generates investment in facilities (from sports stadia to broadcasting networks), employs millions of people around the world, and entertains many more. He added that Radico Khaitan Ltd. has associated in this prestigious event as the Title Sponsor and is committed towards the success of this prestigious Event and I hope that with this platform we will witness some very good sportsmen making their way to “IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019” and will make the country proud.

Raju Shrivastav said that play and comedy both are important. He said that PT Usha, Sudha Singh, who was present here, is a praise of our country which has enhanced the honor and dignity of the country. They like to be in such a program where such great celebrities are present.

Chief Guest,Mr. Cheten Chauhan,Honb’le Minister,Sports,Youth,wefare,vacation Edu & skill Development  said that those parents who previously forbidden children to play, do not stop their children for sports today, but themselves take them to the ground. Under the leadership of our Prime Minister Modi, the facilities are being provided to the players in every possible way. The UPA Government is also providing high level facilities for the player. Players play only for the Country. We players are crazy. The game is God for us. A lot of players did not get employment in UP, so they used to go to other states it is quit sad but our govt  has opened up jobs for players in 11 departments. Now the government has made a gold medal of Rs 6 crore, Silver 4 and 2 crore. Touring stadiums We have made ourselves synthetic track in Meerut, synthetic track in Ayodhya, till next year, they are also making synthetic track in Lucknow. Those who have recieved Arjun Award  / Dronacharya Award / Padma Shree after retirement UP Gov will give Rs 20,000 pm. as pension.

Gaurav Prakash, Co Chairman, PHD Chamber UP Chapter  said just like soldiers sports stars making India shine. Sports is an integral part of progress of city / country. Seeing the rising unemployment among the youth, he suggested the UP Govt.  put sport  under Skill Development of India, it will generate lot of employment and sports will be a career to many youngsters who wants to make difference in this country. He further add by saying that “It is not the will to win, that matters everyone has,it is the way to prepare that win which matters. It is the will to prepare that win that matters” . Government, administration, corporate, are all here to make a voice  together we can, we will to make this difference. From this platform I assure all sports stars of UP that all of us is here to to make a difference that every youngster will pursue sports as a career. I am sure this will be a success & dream come true for many.

At the same time DGP UP OP Singh said that even today there are many institutions, NGOs to promote the game, but it was not so in the past, the tournament which is going to be held in PAC ground in Lucknow in August, honor of the country. There should also be strong action in the villages for the promotion of sports.

Law Minister Brajesh Pathak said that while praising the guests and PhD Chamber of Commerce, this tournament will add to the glory of the country. Honorable Modi is also committed to the development of the players. Yogi Jee is also working very hard for the players and Brajesh Pathak himself has assured himself that he will not spare himself to help the players, our state government is committed to the development of every player. The upcoming championships will prove to be a prestigious platform since the country  has a vast pool of talent which needs to be tapped and this platform will be the right forum  for showcasing the great potential where every ounce of sweat will prove another ounce of joy for the selected and deserving athletes who will make their way to “IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019”. 

The upcoming championships will prove to be a prestigious platform since the country  has a vast pool of talent which needs to be tapped and this platform will be the right forum  for showcasing the great potential where every ounce of sweat will prove another ounce of joy for the selected and deserving athletes who will make their way to “IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019”.  The Summit was well attended by more than 170 eminent personalities which included renowned international athletes, ministers, senior bureaucrats from the State Government, various stakeholders, policy makers, who’s who of the city, decision makers working in this sector, academicians and scholars from across the city.

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